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Rethinking Your Hotel Online Marketing: Focus on Your Website Inbound Marketing

Nowadays your hotel needs to go beyond SEO to promote your website online, think about your hotel online marketing from a more broad prespective. Focus on your website inbound marketing by providing your target marketing with information that will be useful. Start by adding copy to broad your audience and work with long tail keywords to expose your site to a wider audience. It will expand your hotel online marketing efforts.

Below are some tips on how to improve your hotel’s inbound marketing and take more advantage of your website.

󰀪 Social Media: everybody knows the importance of social media in today’s online environment. Amari Cooper Alabama Football Jerseys Not much need to explain why your hotel needs to be on top of your social media campaign with contests, ads, images, services, etc. Fjallraven Kanken Sale NO.2 Make sure your hotel has a strong presence on top social media channels and they are very visible on your website and all marketing materials.

󰀊 Area Attractions & Local Events: to attract even more visitors, take advantage of Local Attractions to develop a page on hotel website and optimize it to be easily found by searchers. Your website will benefit from these area local guide pages and it will also allow you to better connect with local partners and tourists alike. List your area attractions, shopping and entertainment and make it accessible to guests at the front desk. nike Provide driving instructions to and from, so visitors don’t get lost. Matthew Stafford Jerseys You can add a link to Google Maps from that area with driving directions and remember to have a printable version ready for out of country guests.

󰀠 Local Partners: give your guests easy access to book tickets, make reservations and find more information on a particular interest right on your hotel’s website. fjallraven kanken pas cher Most likely you will receive discounts or complimentary tickets to offer to guests on your website as a package deal. Instruct guests to contact your front or concierge desk when making a booking to restaurants or buying tickets to local events or attractions. This is not only helpful during booking, but also during their stay for last minute arrangements. Baskets ASICS Femme It is a great inbound marketing tool to promote your hotel’s website.

󰀌 Blog: blogging will not just improve your search engine rankings, it is an important part of your inbound marketing. It can provide valuable resources, and inside information for guests. adidas Stan Smith Italia Does your hotel have an environmental friendly police? Direct your guests to this blog post after their booking or during their stay rather than printing out an extra piece of paper.

󰁖 Full-Service Amenities: give your guests as much information as possible about your hotel amenities. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit This can keep guests and locals coming back to your hotel by frequently posting weekly or monthly deals.

󰀁 Newsletter: if you already have a newsletter with all local events, discounts, and hotel highlights on a monthly basis to improve your hotel’s inbound marketing. Add it to your blog and distribute it to your guests through your website. Remember: alwayas make sure the information is up to date.

When it comes to a hotel’s inbound marketing campaign, think beyond search engine optimization and Social Media.

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