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Welcome to Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing Column. Asics GT 2160 In this space we will talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other issues related to website marketing. This will be an article/Q&A column where we encourage and welcome our readers’ questions. In this week’s article, we will provide a brief overview on how to identify the right SEO Company to handle your website. Please enjoy the article and feel free to email us your questions.

Being Found – How Effective Is Search Engine Optimization?

This is the first in a series of articles that offer inside information about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can significantly increase your website effectiveness. This series will also provide guidelines on how to select an SEO consultant or company provider. chaussures de foot umbro These articles are written for people outside of Search Engine Marketing industry and explain the basics of SEO in layperson’s terms.

Being Found – How Effective Is Search Engine Optimization?

For most business owners and managers, SEO or Search Engine Optimization – SEM or Search Engine Marketing, does not mean much – except more expense related to their websites. nike air max 2017 dames The reality is that SEO is the most cost effective, online marketing tactic with the highest Return on Investment (ROI) compared to any other type of Internet marketing. It is also the most effective sales tool to bring you quick results.

Internet searches are common practice around the world today and the Internet has brought us an amazing evolution in the way information is marketed and shared. Aaron Rodgers Cal Jerseys Driving that evolution are search engines. Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Mini They have completely changed the way we search for information about all kinds of things in our daily lives. We depend on them for maps, as email providers, to interact with friends, to find a phone number, the best cat food and online garage sales.

Approximately 75%-80% of website traffic comes through search engines. Nick Marshall Jerseys Also, research has shown that most users don’t look beyond the first 3 pages of search results. goedkope nike air max schoenen This means if your website doesn’t rank in the first 30 results of the major search engines, it might be receiving less than 10% of its rightful traffic and revenue. Also, it is important for your company name to rank well as prospective clients might not know your website address.

My experience has shown that if a website is positioned on top, organic results will double its exposure, increasing traffic and therefore having a higher conversion rate (if the site is well developed). Taking some of my clients’ studies, in the first three months after positioning, site visitors through search engines rose 57%, and client revenue doubled with 50% of revenue coming through website.

The effectiveness in Search Engine Optimization comes from experts doing their job. billig nike air norge Search Engine Optimization is a complex process that requires maintenance over a long period of time, and close tracking as the industry develops. SEO is an industry that changes on a daily basis and a knowledgeable SEO company will stay on top of current trends. nike goedkoop online Since search engines change their algorithms frequently and search behaviour changes, SEO companies can do the monitoring for you and offer you the best option at the best price.

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Carla Reis is the founder of QVivid Search Marketing (formerly Quest Quality Solutions Inc.), a company specializing in online marketing, search optimization, web design and branding identity. Over the past thirteen years, the company has grown with emerging technologies to help clients across Europe, North and South America stay ahead of trends and maintain a compelling web presence to stand apart from competitors in the online environment. Her expertise in achieving this by subscribing to ethical practises is demonstrated by the number of loyal Qvivid clients have worked with her for more than nine years, practically a lifetime in this sector. As an educator and web marketing specialist, Carla set out to create her own company after a number of years with Enquiro – one of the biggest search engine marketing companies in North America - as their training manager. This provided the ideal foundation for the work QVivid specializes in – creating leading-edge websites and providing search engine marketing, graphics and print design. In addition, she draws upon more than three decades of work experience as a teacher, trainer, web designer, and business development professional. Whether leading her expanding team on marketing projects, or educating clients on new innovations in the digital world, SEO and social media, Carla brings her expertise, enthusiasm and integrity to the table every time. You can find Carla’s on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Over the past 10 years, Carla has provided advice and help to over 800 business’s owners. She is sort of a Captain Kirk of the Search Engine Marketing.

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