What Google ‘Hummingbird’ Means for Your SEO Strategy


If the idea that SEO is dead crosses your mind or turns up in print, dismiss it. The fact is that nothing is really going to change in the way that we pursue the almighty ranking, with the possible exception of the resurgence of the long tail keyword, which was working its way back into our hearts anyway. Everything that worked before Hummingbird’s release will still work moving forward. This includes:

  • Original and engaging content is still king
  • Legitimate back links that are earned using proper SEO are still important
  • The same signals that worked before will continue to garner results
  • Keywords will still need to be carefully placed and used in moderation

The only thing that is really going to change in a meaningful enough way to be noticeable is the way Google’s new algorithm interprets the way we search.

Hummingbird Breaks Old Search Habits

Currently, we type our question into the search engine and the algorithm chooses words from it, often sending us on a wild goose chase by bringing up links that have those specific words in them rather than finding links that relate to the context of the overall query.

In essence, Google has trained an entire generation of search engine users to pose questions in short keyword phrases that had little to do with what we wanted. Instead, we tried to guess where Google would take us and hope for the best. They taught us trial and error searching.

Keep in mind, search engines are the ONLY web properties with a goal to have their users spend as little time as possible on their website.

A Glean of Hummingbird Intelligence

With all of the intelligent changes Panda and Penguin brought to the table, it was only a matter of time before one of Google’s big brained developers found a way to “smarten” search engines up enough to take a question and look at the context rather than seeing the words within the query as separate entities. What does this mean for us? With any luck, it means that the Hummingbird is smarter than your average Panda.

So What is Hummingbird?

The Hummingbird is an entirely new algorithm. It approaches search engine queries in a brand new and intelligent way utilizing new technology combined with older features of the existing algorithms. It is named for the speed and accuracy of the tiny bird.

The Resurgence of Long Tailed Keywords

The Hummingbird is what Google is calling the latest (greatest?) algorithm that they slipped in under our radar in August. If the rumors are true, the Hummingbird will take a search engine query using long-tailed keywords and try to decipher the context of the question rather than chase the specific keywords within the question. The goal is to provide results that actually answer the question

The Knowledge Graph

When you think about it, an algorithm that looks for context within a question was inevitable. Google has been up and running for 15 years (as of September), and in that time it has been collecting what could very well be the largest database of knowledge ever recorded.

In theory, the Knowledge Base has collected data for only a short while; however, most people believe differently. To this very moment, knowledge is being gathered, categorized, cross-referenced thousands upon thousands of ways, and stored. This vast well of knowledge is available to the Hummingbird.

With such a Knowledge Graph, was it not inevitable that Google would eventually find a way to utilize this information with an algorithm that deciphers the context of all the words in a query rather than homing in on a few key words therein? This is exactly what Hummingbird is designed to do.

Was Hummingbird Really A Surprise?

This new algorithm may have surprised the majority, but many people saw it coming. These are the people who use Google’s Conversational Search. The reason so many were caught off guard by Hummingbird is that very few paid that much attention when Conversational Search was rolled out nearly two years ago.

For those who do not know about Conversational Search, which is most of us, here is what you missed, which may have been the biggest hint to date that Google was close to cracking semantic search.

Conversational Search

Users of Google Chrome may have noticed a small microphone icon in the right hand corner of Google’s search box (now on Google search as well). If the user clicks on that microphone (and has configured their computer for it) they may ask aloud the question they would have typed into the search box. The question is then displayed on the search screen, along with the results.

If the answer to the query is in Google’s Knowledge Graph, an Information Card is displayed with the pertinent facts listed along with a list of sites you may visit with more information and hopefully, the answer to your question. What users of “Google Speak” have come to realize is that the more conversational the query, the more information is provided. Did I mention the fact that Google speaks the answer back to you? Pretty cool, huh?


Why did Google Create Hummingbird?

Here are three reasons why Google had to create Hummingbird, and why it now has to perfect it:

  1. The ball is already rolling.
  2. Google promised answers by creating its very first search engine. The problem is, people are asking questions, not typing in keywords.
  3. More and more people are using their mobile devices to search. Google knows how important it is to understand a question, especially when you are driving. Comprehension is not new. It is just refined.

Technology Marches On

Google promised to answer our queries when it created the first algorithm that could answer them in the form of leading us to the answers. It takes this promise very seriously. In all, it has addressed the issue rather admirably. Of course, in providing the websites that hold the answers, it created its own worst problem in how to rank them.

The other problem is in the questions. We have always asked questions and up until now, Google has not answered any of them. It merely shows us where we might get the answers based on some of the words we use and making a guess. Now, Google wants to answer the questions by comprehending them and giving us the right answer the first time out.

Now for the Bad News

There is an aspect of Hummingbird about which no one is really talking. As searchers, we expect Google’s search engine to supply a results page with links to the best websites to answer our questions according to their rank. As websites, we expect to compete for those ranks by using SEO and providing interesting content with what we hope are interesting and thorough answers. What we do not expect is the answer to the questions appearing to the searcher before we get a chance to impress them with our hard work.

That Darn Traffic Stealing Information Card – Hummingbird is supposed to answer the search question. Adidas Pas Cher It does this by giving us an answer in the form of an “Information Card” taken from its Knowledge Graph and displaying it right at the top of the results page either above or to the right (sometimes both). Maglie Milwaukee Bucks While this is new and exciting, it is also a clear message by Google that it does not owe us anything. This uses our intellectual property without the responsibility… Hmmm, food for thought. It also begs the question of how our CRO and CTR will be affected when this is widely spread.

Let’s say you want to know if our president has brothers or sisters. There are plenty of websites that want you to visit them for that information. They work hard, play by the rules, and often, pay an arm and a leg to SEO firms. However, if you type in the question “Does Barrack Obama have brothers and sisters” (Hummingbird in action), here is what you will find at the top and side of the results page. (In Google Chrome):



There are many wonderful websites, CNN included, that want to give us that information and while they are at it, show us what wonderful surprises they have to offer. Unfortunately, Google has already answered my question in the Information Graph. Why should I bother to click on those links when I have the answer right here in front of me? Many of us offer professional information for free and in return hope the visitors will take actions on various CTA’s presented on our website. Is that the end of it? YES and NO, keep reading…

Hummingbird is a People Pleaser

If anyone has been paying attention, nearly every article on the Internet about Hummingbird says nothing about Google trying to please websites. Google is trying to get it right for people who type in questions looking for specific answers. If Google has the answer, why would anyone look any further?

This seems almost like a slap in the face to websites that spend good money – and lots of it – on genuine web marketing trying to get traffic. If we have to compete with other websites for traffic, that is fine. Bring on your best stuff because I am bringing mine. However, if we have to compete with a giant like Google, what chance do we stand, and why should we even bother to try?

Google Never Made Promises to Websites

The truth of the matter is that Google has never in its history promised websites anything more than a fair chance at a good rank using proper SEO. Google, the search engine, has never told anyone that it would never step into the information ring. Everything that Google has done has been for the searcher, not the website with the answers.

SEO is not affected by Hummingbird. You can still improve your ranking in the search engines by always striving to improve your SEO and provide original content (can’t stress that enough). Now, however, you also will have to compete with Google’s Information Cards that may already have the answer to the search in them. At the moment, this just applies to Google Chrome. How long will it be before other browsers find a way to follow suit?

Searched by browser:


How Can We Take Advantage of Hummingbird?

There has been a great deal of worry since the release of Hummingbird. If keywords matter less, long tailed keywords matter more, the ability to answer search engine queries through content matters most, and links are still extremely effective, what can businesses on a tight SEO budget do to increase their exposure? When in doubt, content is always the answer.

Hummingbird is an Invitation to Opportunity – What matters most is giving search engines more opportunities to find you. Julio Jones Alabama Football Jerseys This means broadening your horizons by expanding the number of entrance pages that answer the questions being posed in your niche. More entrance pages with original content will accomplish several goals that can help with Hummingbird on the prowl:

  • More pages that are original offer more opportunities to answer search engine queries
  • A wider topic coverage area for your expertise
  • The opportunity to introduce more long tail keywords
  • Surfing the news websites for your niche and writing creative content from current stories
  • Videos are still hot and alluring for those choosing links with answers to their questions
  • Infographics draw the curious and are a great way to answer search engine queries in a creative and attractive manner

The Hummingbird Algorithm Opens Doors – In essence, nothing changes unless you have not been doing the things that you should be doing to be noticed. Creativity is what is needed if your business wants to compete in an incredibly competitive keyword market. Original content needs to be produced as often as possible.

If your business is to grow, the website and its corresponding blog needs to grow. The same thing that worked before, should still work with Hummingbird, especially if the content contains the answers to current topics from which questions may arise. All of these things still work:

  • Surfing the news websites for your niche and writing creative content from current stories
  • Videos are still hot and alluring for those choosing links with answers to their questions
  • Infographics draw the curious and are a great way to answer search engine queries in a creative and attractive manner

Hummingbird and the Opportunity for More Exposure – When you really think about it, the release of Hummingbird creates the perfect scenario for smaller websites to gain more exposure. The incentive to create more entrance pages and be as creative and daring as larger sites should bring about a new prosperity.

Since branded keyword traffic data has been eliminated through Secure Search and Hummingbird now “gets” search engine queries, the ability to broaden website, blog content, and entrance pages in order to answer more questions is now a vital part of SEO strategy. The Hummingbird’s presence should just be an afterthought.

Hummingbird Do’s and Don’ts

One of the mistakes that some webmasters have made already is to hit the panic button and attack their existing content. There is really no need to go through your entire site making changes to content or anchor text to reflect a “How To…” overhaul in order to attract Hummingbird’s attention. The only thing that this can lead to is disaster.

If you have good, original content, revamping it may only make matters worse. You open the door to mistakes and may only ruin perfectly good content. The best thing to do is balance your content moving forward, making sure to be creative while adding some “How To” articles and blog posts liberally. You can tweak your website content to a small degree; just don’t be too obvious about it.

Claim authorship if you have not done so already. If you need to ask what authorship is, you are already behind in the game and need to start doing a little bit of catch up. Here is the deal… Google loves Google. If your website and corresponding blog is not already tied to your Google+ account, it needs to be.

Tying your efforts to Google+ allows your content efforts to be seen in the work section of your plus account by everyone in your circles, which should be half of the planet’s population. Asics Gel Lyte Pas Cher Check out this link for details on how you can take control of your Google authorship.

Do not do anything that would appear to be an overt move to take advantage of any new Google rollout. Think about this for a moment: Google rolls out a new algorithm, the largest single change since 2001, and adds nothing to prevent smart and sly webmasters from taking advantage of it. That is very doubtful.

Do not do anything foolish such as suddenly hiring a link building service that uses less than desired tactics to load you up with how to links or who knows what. Google will surely have a watchdog program for that. Keep it natural and have your company message associated with good quality content. When my clients ask about the core of their marketing plan, I always end up explaining content marketing. This is what everyone should focus on. Simply ask yourself what if Google didn’t exist?

It is always a good idea to take advantage of any and all of the numerous Google services that are offered, mostly free of charge, that will help you to improve your website and blog. Video links on Google owned YouTube.com that teach or answer important questions are a perfect example of taking advantage of Google’s generosity and putting your business website squarely on Google’s Hummingbird map. Interviews with experts in your niche also are a wonderful idea since they are already composed in the question and answer format. fjällräven kånken Laptop 13 Here are some other things that can help:

  • Comprehensive FAQ page
  • Q&A blog category
  • How to posts (in moderation)
  • Interviews
  • Researches
  • Industry debates
  • Ask the expert (Are you an expert? Do something with it. Google will love you more.)
  • Where can I [complete the sentence]
  • Why [complete the sentence]
  • What [complete the sentence]

A Brand New Way to Look At Keyword Optimization

If we break down Google’s 15th anniversary present to the world, we find that it is really just a new way for an algorithm to read search engine queries. Rather than looking at a few of the words within the query, Google’s Hummingbird looks at thecombinations of words and tries to ascertain the true meaning of the search. It then provides a result based on what it believes is the overall question. Does this not, in itself, spell the end of keyword optimization?

Not the End, Just a Change – The answer is no. The keywords within a query are still important. It does strengthen the role of long tailed keywords. However, once we couple the release of Hummingbird with Secure Search, which encrypts the search data of keywords, effectively hiding that information from marketers, we again have to draw the conclusion that Google is trying to reduce the importance of keyword optimization and force webmasters to appease the searcher.

In other words, it is no longer enough to draw any traffic to a website. Under Armour CurryPas Cher We have to be more specific and target specific traffic by answering specific questions within the content. This cannot be done with just broad stroke keywords.

Good SEO becomes Good Marketing

One of the most obvious goals of Hummingbird is to turn SEO into marketing. It turns the website’s focus on a broader audience, forcing us to appeal to a wider market of readers. Content has just taken another large step, becoming even more important than the Panda tried to make it.

Could this have been Google’s end game all along, or are we in for an even bigger surprise, possibly included within the updates to Hummingbird that are sure to roll out in the near future? Only time will tell; but with each new release, Google becomes more transparent in its quest to appeal to and appease the public at large and change the way we look at Search Engine Optimization.

Hummingbird Heralds the Evolution of SEO

SEO is not dead, nor is it going away. What SEO is doing is evolving. Like the conductor of a great orchestra, Google is leading us along a road that will undoubtedly lead to its masterpiece. A search engine that understands queries and answers the call of the public’s cry for better search results and providing one search service would be a heck of a thing.

It may even turn out that e-commerce marketers needed to jump through all of the hoops that represent a changing SEO in order to get to the endgame in one piece. Again, we may not know what Google ultimately has in mind until we actually get to the end of the journey. All we know is what is put in front of us along the way.

A Look at Hummingbird and Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are an effective way to search for specific information, especially now that the Hummingbird is loose. As a general rule, the long tail keyword is the complete opposite of the “head” terms, like shoes. nike air max schoenen A search for shoes is more common, but a search for “shiny red women’s shoes,” which is a long tail keyword based upon the head term, are more effective, making them more valuable.

Does Hummingbird Know What it is Doing?

It starts to become obvious that Google knows what it is doing when it comes to the long tail keyword. Making them more important than individual keywords in regard to SEO is the best thing that could come out of Hummingbird. After all is said and done, long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate than standard keywords. In fact, on average, they convert 2.5 times more than one or two word keywords, making them far more lucrative. Look at it from a sales funnel and information point of view:


Hummingbird – Information and the Sales Funnel

The potential customer who uses long tail keywords is obviously more informed and therefore much further along in the sales funnel than those who do not use them. If you sell chocolate bars, and someone is looking for a Bavarian chocolate bar with coconut sprinkles, you stand a better chance of selling to this searcher than the one looking only for chocolate (provided you sell Bavarian chocolate bars with coconut sprinkles). Hummingbird’s move to strengthen the role of long tail keywords is extremely helpful in this way.

Hummingbird and Useful Content

The Panda asked us to provide unique content. What makes content unique? A big part of it is originality. Original content that offers a creative and interesting read for traffic and engages the reader to the point that they want to share it was the goal. Now Hummingbird want us to change that thinking just a little bit by broadening our aim to include content that is useful. Adidas NMD Dames (The more useful, the better.) The five things that we should take out of the release of Hummingbird are as follows:

  • Content
  • Long tail keywords
  • Useful information
  • Increased Entrance Portals
  • Continued SEO

Content… Hummingbird Style

How to… These are the two words that will come to dominate webpages everywhere as webmasters will now seek to answer the questions that could be posed by potential traffic and customers seeking answers. It is a brave new game for content writers everywhere as they strive to provide the kind of how-to articles and blog posts that will best serve the search hungry public at large. Originality, engagement, informative content is still king.

Hummingbird Welcomes Long Tail Keywords Back

The re-emergence of the long tail keyword should be a welcome sight for webmasters. The average person never abandoned long tail keywords and now that websites are going to optimize for those, everyone will benefit. Long Tail Keyword Generators will become more popular than ever. Website owners will benefit from the free long-tail keyword generation tools that can be found on the Internet, like WordStream’s Long Tail Keyword Mining software.

The Useful Hummingbird

Useful information is the name of the game. What webmasters must decide is what is useful and what is not. For this reason, websites that answer as many questions over a wide array of topics will do well. What this means is more content. In order to answer as many questions as possible and provide more information, webmasters will call upon writers to produce more content than ever before in the hopes of making their websites as invaluable as ever.

More Places for the Hummingbird to Land

The more entrance portals a website has, the better off it will be. Air Jordan 7 This means, again, more pages, more content, and more links that lead to these pages. Whether it is better to meet a few needs per article or blog post and provide numerous pages, or whether it is better to fill more needs over longer word counts with fewer pages, remains to be seen. Either way, it boils down to content.

Optimizing for the Hummingbird

Google stated that the release of its Hummingbird could potentially go unnoticed. It also stated that SEO would remain unaffected. For the most part, this is true. Everything we were doing to optimize our websites should continue to be our focus with the exception of long tail keyword optimization.

It is a brave new world in internet marketing and Google is leading the charge slowly but surely toward a better way to search for what we need. If you have a website, now is the time to adapt and prepare your websites and blogs for whatever may be coming next. It is anyone’s guess what the future holds. nike air max pas cher It may well be that we will have a better understanding of where Google is leading us upon the release of Hummingbird’s rolling upgrades.

The SEO Perspective: What Matters Most in a Website


Rank #1 in Google in 3 Days

I will assume that most business owners have heard of SEO before. New Balance Heren At least through spam mails that promise to give you “#1 rank in Google in X days.”

An average of 67% business owners fall for this promise and are being left with a bad experience. sac à dos fjallraven kanken pas cher nike air max pas cher Like in any other industry, we also have scam companies that give our industry a bad reputation.

I am sorry to be blunt, but I believe that if a company has fallen for an SEO scam, it’s their own fault too. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Always check references. If it is too good to be true, then it is not true. nike air max 2017 pas cher If it cost too much below industry average, be aware. Nike Jordan 11 Future There are no miracles.

I will discuss the most important points of a website from the SEO as well as from a visitor’s perspective. Next time you receive a rank-#1-tomorrow-in-Google type email, you will know better.

All starts from the time your website is developed…

Developing for SEO and Visitors

First of all, make sure your website is developed with the most updated code, has no CSS errors, complies with CW3, loads fast, all javaScript and CSS code running externally. nike tn requin pas cher My suggestion is to use a reputable WordPress theme, revise its CSS and code templates to make sure there is no hidden spam or errors. Also check for reviews on the theme you choose buy as well as support if you have questions or need help.

Navigation that show the way, right the way!

The main navigation needs to be user friendly – for search engine and users – this will reflect in your bounce rate, rankings and conversions. The best solution is to have the company that is doing your SEO to develop your website as well. Boutique Nike This is the best approach since the SEO company would understand all that needs to be done during development to make the website search engine friendly:

  • Home page should contemn snippets of the more important pages on the website with a direct link to these pages
  • Please restrain from using Flash entrance page (splash page) or Flash/Image based navigation
  • Do-follow all your internal links, so all pages can be indexed on search engines and rank properly.
  • Use breadcrumps. chaussures gel lyte 5 They are good for visitors and search engines
  • Make your URL count. It should be relevant to the page content (no page3.html sort of file)
  • All pages should be 3 clicks away from being assessed

Content, Still King

Content is King. Long live the King!!

Ask any SEO consultant (yes any one of us), most important part of your website for SEO is the copy you write. There are no magic, no tricks, don’t fall for that. These are the points you need to pay attention:

  • Engagement: an audience loves to engage, so react out to your visitors by posting articles and information to engage them. That is where a blog comes into play. Use the blog to keep your visitors educated giving them a chance to interact
  • Intent: enhancing the user experience, will keep your visitor interested and spending more time on your website
  • Keywords: never mind what changes in algorithms Google comes up with, concentrate on keyphrases that are related to your services or products Include relevant keyword in your URL, page title, body text, meta description and even alt tags (to have your images showing up properly on the Google image search) … and in internal and external links, as well.
  • Copy: Refrain from using duplicate, spun, thin content and focus only on providing meaningful and valuable information.

Page Speed – Staying ahead

Although it might not be on Google’s priority list of a high-impact ranking factor, it certainly makes a difference. Maglia Dwyane Wade It will have a negative effect on conversions and consequently revenue. If it take longer than 3 seconds for a page to load, about 46% of your visitors will abandon your site.

Mobile Ready

Google’s Hummingbird is very much on responsive design. Google wants websites that perform well on all devices, no exceptions.


More than protecting your work online, authorship will help build your company’s reputation and trust. chaussures asics pas cher It will also brings you more exposure when going viral. Claiming authorship has become a necessity not an option.

Don’t be afraid, socialize

Nowadays, social media is as important as link building. Fjallraven Kanken Kinderen baskets ASICS Already the number of tweets has a direct connection with rankings, but with Facebook Likes it is still not very clear.

Keep in mind that optimizing your copy on social media is important, if your content is shared more, it will be linked more – which is one of the most important ranking factors.

User Satisfaction

Nowadays it is not enough to ensuring that your site is optimized for mobile, loads fast, offers meaningful content for visitors (even though they hardly read it) and build an intuitive navigation are some ways of satisfying users.

Quick Guide for Social Media




1. Maglia Larry Bird BLOGGING

  • Refer to your blogging strategy regularly. If you don’t have one, create one!
  • Remember to use industry keywords as you develop your blog post
  • Place important industry keywords at the beginning of your blog title
  • Make your blog easy to comprehend by including bulleted lists
  • Remember your inbound linking strategy: bookmark your blog posts on various social bookmarking websites
  • Include a call-to-action at the end of your blog post
  • Use keyword-friendly blog URLS. lunette de soleil oakley pas cher You may need to activate this feature in the SEO section of your WordPress blog
  • Place a link to your blog on other pages on your website
  • Add social sharing buttons to the end of your blog posts
  • Develop a blog commenting policy and make sure your community follows the rules
  • Respond to blog comments within 24 hours
  • Assign someone to monitor your blog for SPAM and abusive comments

2. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 FACEBOOK

  • Refer to your Facebook marketing strategy often. If you don’t have one, create one!
  • Create a Facebook content schedule. This schedule includes the content you plan to post and the day/time you plan to post it
  • Before posting any content, ask yourself: ‘Will my community find this interesting or informative?’
  • Determine the social media personalities most prevalent in your Facebook community, then develop content with them in mind
  • Create a branded cover image for your brand’s Facebook page and change it often to add some spice to your page
  • Consider including a link to your website on your cover image, in addition to a way to contact the page’s social media manager
  • Check your Facebook Insights report weekly. nike pas cher If you have a more robust social media tracking tool, refer to that tool regularly
  • Create a Facebook List that includes a link to your most influential community members
  • Consider subscribing to Facebook lists related to your industry
  • Use photos and videos as often possible in your posts. Community members respond best to this type of content.
  • Utilize the Offers feature to promote special discounts your brand is offering to community members
  • Utilize the Promoted Post feature to highlight content you don’t want your community to miss. nike air max pas cher *Hint* Choose the $50 option, then come back after you’ve spent about $10 and suspend your promoted post. asics tiger pas cher This tactic is enough to jumpstart the engagement on your promoted post.
  • Once the engagement has started, your post’s virality will grow on its own without the need to continue promoting your post.


  • Complete your About Page. Include links to your website and other places your brand can be found on the web
  • Utilize industry keywords on your About Page
  • Connect your team members by using Google+ Hangouts for video conferencing
  • Host a Google+ Hangout event related to your industry
  • Capitalize on the Google Authorship. Kånken Laptop 13 This allows Google to authenticate your content. kopen nike air max 2017 Google will eventually see you as a valuable source of information
  • Create Google Events. The beauty of Google Events is that you can invite both Google+ users and non-Google+ users to your event

4. Javier Baez Jersey LINKEDIN

  • Use a professional photo as your LinkedIn profile picture
  • Include industry keywords in your profile summary and in your job descriptions
  • If you have articles/blog posts published on a respected industry website, add those publications to your profile (remember to use industry-related keywords in the article description if the keywords are not already included in the article title)
  • Move your Publications section closer to the top of the page
  • Claim your unique LinkedIn URL. nike air max femme pas cher Use your name (or an industry keyword) in that URL
  • Include industry-related keywords in your LinkedIn profile summary
  • Add a list of skills to your profile summary – keep SEO in mind and use as many industry-related keywords as possible
  • Develop your company page on LinkedIn, then encourage your connections and employees to follow your page


  • Find and follow industry experts and thought leaders, then engage with them often
  • Import your contacts to Twitter regularly, especially if you collect email addresses for a newsletter
  • Search for industry experts by using sites like Wefollow.com and Twellow.com
  • Find people who are talking about brand and follow them
  • Reply to Twitter users who tweet about your brand
  • Search for industry-related keywords and hashtags, then follow Twitter users who are using them often
  • Create lists of your followers. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren groen nike air max 2016 pas cher These lists allow you to segment your Twitter followers into various topics
  • Always use a URL shortener when you post links, especially one that allows you to track the engagement with that link. Goedkope Nike Air Max 90 Bit.ly is a great example of this
  • Do not send automatic direct responses to your followers; it’s so phoney and transparent
  • Remember the 4-1-1 rule. For every one self-promotion tweet, you should re-tweet one related & informative tweet that is not your own. You should also share four content items written by others
  • Try to keep your Tweets at no more than 100 characters.

Marketing for Manufacturing Companies


Use your websites more effectively, improve growth and generate more leads

So much opportunity exists to help manufacturing companies to utilize their websites more effectively, improve growth and generate more leads. Kånken Laptop 13 Manufacturing companies are facing significant challenges in using online marketing to increase sales and improve online presence. Adidas Stan Smith Heren Here is how we can help your company to grow.

󰀊 Great design matters. Companies need to present a strong image. Caring your image to your online presence is important, so having a website that matches your services will sell your product faster. Online visitors will judge your company’s services and products based on the look and functionality of your website.
󰁖 Online Catalog. Present an interactive product catalog that allows your customers to search, browse, and research your products online. nike air max 1 pas cher Products should not simply be listed on a page, but should have its own individual page so they can be sent to prospective customers as a link or via social media. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit asics femme pas cher This speeds up the sales cycle and gives your sales team better support as they present products. sac à dos fjallraven kanken Include video demos whenever possible.
󰀠 Leads to build prospects. Asking site visitors for contact information to delivery information on products through email. chaussures asics homme pas cher This keeps prospective customers updated, improves communication and increase sales.
󰀄 Start blogging. Manufacturing companies can benefit a great deal from blog postings. nike requin pas cher It will improve communication, facilitate posts in social media as every blog post can be automatically delivered to your social media sites, increase lead generation.
󰀏 Utilize search engine optimization (SEO). Start investing heavily in SEO campaigns. Hollister France By investing in targeted search engine marketing, smart manufacturing companies can ensure that their products show up at the top of the list when prospective customers are doing reasearch online. asics gel lyte 3 pas cher This can make the difference between lost business or closed business.
󰀪 Get Social. nike air max goedkoop Manufacturing companies should be investing in Social Media to extend your PR efforts. Asics Pas Cher Press releases should be listed on your company website and then distributed via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. bns gold This improves your search engine rankings and encourages others to re-distribute your content for you. Chaussures Under Armour Make sure your website content includes “share this” buttons to facilitate easy distribution by site visitors.
󰀉 Product documentation. Does your products come with documentation that helps your customers better understand how to use or implement them? Post it! Blog about it!!. You will drive your current customers back to your website, reinforcing the value of your brand, helps eliminate or reduce printed documentation (saves money). This is not about PDF downloads, it is about an online database of documentation so your customers can search and sort easily to find what they need. Nike Lebron 13 It’s a great sales tool because prospective customers can see how easy it is to get the supporting information they need about your products which builds trust.

Manufacturing companies need to take full advantage of their websites to have a significant advantage over competitors.

Hotel Online Marketing


Rethinking Your Hotel Online Marketing: Focus on Your Website Inbound Marketing

Nowadays your hotel needs to go beyond SEO to promote your website online, think about your hotel online marketing from a more broad prespective. Focus on your website inbound marketing by providing your target marketing with information that will be useful. Start by adding copy to broad your audience and work with long tail keywords to expose your site to a wider audience. It will expand your hotel online marketing efforts.

Below are some tips on how to improve your hotel’s inbound marketing and take more advantage of your website.

󰀪 Social Media: everybody knows the importance of social media in today’s online environment. Amari Cooper Alabama Football Jerseys Not much need to explain why your hotel needs to be on top of your social media campaign with contests, ads, images, services, etc. Fjallraven Kanken Sale NO.2 Make sure your hotel has a strong presence on top social media channels and they are very visible on your website and all marketing materials.

󰀊 Area Attractions & Local Events: to attract even more visitors, take advantage of Local Attractions to develop a page on hotel website and optimize it to be easily found by searchers. Your website will benefit from these area local guide pages and it will also allow you to better connect with local partners and tourists alike. List your area attractions, shopping and entertainment and make it accessible to guests at the front desk. nike Provide driving instructions to and from, so visitors don’t get lost. Matthew Stafford Jerseys You can add a link to Google Maps from that area with driving directions and remember to have a printable version ready for out of country guests.

󰀠 Local Partners: give your guests easy access to book tickets, make reservations and find more information on a particular interest right on your hotel’s website. fjallraven kanken pas cher Most likely you will receive discounts or complimentary tickets to offer to guests on your website as a package deal. Instruct guests to contact your front or concierge desk when making a booking to restaurants or buying tickets to local events or attractions. This is not only helpful during booking, but also during their stay for last minute arrangements. Baskets ASICS Femme It is a great inbound marketing tool to promote your hotel’s website.

󰀌 Blog: blogging will not just improve your search engine rankings, it is an important part of your inbound marketing. It can provide valuable resources, and inside information for guests. adidas Stan Smith Italia Does your hotel have an environmental friendly police? Direct your guests to this blog post after their booking or during their stay rather than printing out an extra piece of paper.

󰁖 Full-Service Amenities: give your guests as much information as possible about your hotel amenities. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit This can keep guests and locals coming back to your hotel by frequently posting weekly or monthly deals.

󰀁 Newsletter: if you already have a newsletter with all local events, discounts, and hotel highlights on a monthly basis to improve your hotel’s inbound marketing. Add it to your blog and distribute it to your guests through your website. Remember: alwayas make sure the information is up to date.

When it comes to a hotel’s inbound marketing campaign, think beyond search engine optimization and Social Media.

SEO vs. PPC – Which Offers the Best Value?


Organizations of all sizes know the importance of online marketing, especially through search engines. Maglie Minnesota Timberwolves Nowadays, people are more likely to end up on your website via a search engine than going directly to it. In fact, according to Jupiter Research, a Forrester Research company, 81% of users find their desired destination through a search engine.

Google-HeatmapsThis research makes it clear that it’s very important for your brand to have a strong presence in the search engines, ensuring that you’re in front of your target audience. asics femme pas cher However, there’s still a big decision to make – whether to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or naturally ranking high in the organic results) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click ads, the Sponsored Links and purchased ads on a Google search) to get in front of your target?

Done correctly, both can get you on the front page of the search engines for targeted terms and in front of your desired audience. Nike Air Max 2016 Homme However, each has its respective benefits and costs. SEOmoz, a great SEO resource, recently published an article by the team at Enquisite quantifying the effectiveness of SEO vs. PPC.

The article details that organic results are 8.5x more likely to be clicked on than paid search results! That’s a large disparity and is likely attributed to searchers gradually learning the difference between organic and sponsored results, and recognizing that organic results are typically the more respected resource. Also, researchers have used heat maps to show that searchers’ eyes focus on the top organic results, with people barely noticing the ads to the right.

However, PPC holds a slight edge in conversion rates, as paid search results are 1.5x more likely to convert click thrus from the search engine. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren zwart The SEOmoz article attributes, to the fact that the paid search result’s “text and landing page is custom optimized by the advertiser.”

So, looking at both of these numbers, it can be concluded that “the opportunity from organic search is 5.66x that of paid search.”

So, given the flat out choice of ranking high organically or having great PPC ads – the overwhelmingly logical choice is organic. However, we all know it’s not that easy or else those “Rank #1 in Google TOMORROW” robo calls would be much more effective. True SEO takes time, not get rich quick schemes.

PPC’s true strengths are its speed and expansiveness. fjallraven kanken backpacks sale uk With a PPC campaign, you can be on the first page for a multitude of targeted terms within a day. air max pas cher However, the terms can cost anywhere from pennies to many dollars per click; also, for a PPC campaign to be done correctly, it’s usually best to hire a firm that can manage it full time. This can mean that PPC campaigns can get very expensive, very quickly – especially when done correctly.

SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, estimates that 87% of search engine dollars are spent on PPC vs. 11% spent on SEO efforts. Mochilas Kanken Infantil That’s more than $10 billion spent on PPC vs. just $1 billion spent on SEO. That means the strategy that’s over 5x more effective, SEO, is only receiving 1/8 the media spend in the market! It’s hard to justify the expense of a PPC campaign, knowing that SEO is more successful and the overall better longterm value.

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly times to use PPC – when you’re first launching your company, it’s a great way to get your name out there and build brand awareness. For a limited time offer or special event, PPC is an effective way to get exposure that SEO wouldn’t have time to contribute to.

Also, PPC is more effective for products than it is for service companies; for example, we focus SEO efforts on terms such as Raleigh web design and Content Management Software; however, we do not engage in PPC advertising for these terms, because they’re usually a waste of money for a services firm like ours. air max 2017 wit Yet we have an electronic payments client that runs a PPC campaign focused around its specific product offerings, and this strategy makes sense for their market.

However, when it comes to the long term lifeline of your internet marketing, the result is clear – SEO offers the better value in search marketing. You won’t rank #1 overnight, but SEO is more affordable and the longterm benefits have been proven. All of these facts demonstrate that your company should spend more of its time and resources focusing on SEO vs.

Top 4 e-Commerce Tools for WordPress


The following are just a few of the more popular systems out there, and new ones are popping up all the time, particularly as the WordPress community continues to expand.

As you can see, the ability to sell products on a WordPress site has come a very long way. Jordan 13 Sale With all of the amazing plugins and frameworks that have been developed in this space, ecommerce on WordPress certainly deserves real consideration for any new online store project.


1. WooCommerce

Just last month, WooThemes released its ecommerce framework, WooCommerce. This is arguably one of the most comprehensive shopping cart solutions available for WordPress. It originated as a fork of the popular Jigoshop plugin, and offers a host powerful features including multiple product types (simple, configurable, downloadable, etc.), inventory management, comprehensive shipping and tax options, marketing tools and powerful reporting features. The admin user experience is powerful yet easy to use. air max pas cher pour homme Like everything from Woo, it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.




2. ray ban pas cher Cart66

Cart66 is a plugin for WordPress that offers all of the common ecommerce functionality we’ve come to expect, including product configurations, shipping and tax options, and inventory tracking, among a long list of other features.

The thing that sets Cart66 apart from its competitors is its focus on premium membership subscriptions (recurring billing) and selling both digital and physical products. Nike Flyknit Uomo This is a good choice if you’re selling premium web content on a recurring basis, or mailing magazine subscriptions or the like.

The fully functional Cart66 plugin can be licensed for for $89-$399. Chicago Bulls A “lite” version with limited functionality is also available as a free download.



3. Shopp

Then there’s Shopp, another ecommerce plugin for WordPress. mochilas kanken mini This one has been available for quite some time, so you know it’s been developed and improved quite a bit over its lifespan. What stands out about Shopp is its simplicity of design customization.

Shopp is licensed as a core framework ($55 – $299, depending on the number of sites you wish to use it on). Like WooCommerce, Shopp offers additional functionality as premium add-ons, most of which are $25. These include multiple payment gateways and shipping services integrations among other things.

One interesting upgrade available for Shopp are the “Priority Support Calls.” This is an interesting offer since almost all WordPress products go with a typical support forum with a day or two response time. Mens Nike Air Max 90 These paid add-ons ($49-$199) give store owners faster response times when they’re in need.



4. WP E-Commerce

Also known as GetShopped.org, this long-time ecommerce solution for WordPress takes a simpler approach to selling products on your WordPress site. cheap adidas shoes uk Again, this one gives you most of the common ecommerce functionality, plus a few stand-out features like its ability to work with WordPress multisite “out of the box.” This one is also highly SEO optimized, though to be fair, all of these solutions are.

Like some of the other solutions, the core version of the WP E-Commerce plugin is available as a free download. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Rood Additional features can be purchased as premium extensions.

The Difference Between SEO & SEM


Even though many companies proclaim that SEM is paid advertising placement in search engines, this is far from the truth. Huston Street Baseball Jersey Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or unpaid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Nike Air Max 1 Heren zwart The work of SEO is done for the most part directly in the website code by making changes to comply with search engine algorithms. Fjallraven Kanken Mini SEO may also target different branches of search, including, but not limited to, image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines. Maglia Scottie Pippen This gives a website web presence.

As part of Search Engine Marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Nike Air Max Flyknit Dames Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML coding and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO strategy.

Search engine optimizers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader Search Engine Marketing strategy. asics homme pas cher Because effective SEO may require changes to the HTML source code of a site and site content, SEO tactics may be incorporated into website development and design. nike tn 2017 homme The term “search engine friendly” may be used to describe website designs, menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that have been optimized for the purpose of search engine exposure.

Search Engine Marketing was a term generated by Danny Sullivan, widely considered to be a leading “search engine guru.” He used the term to describe the combination of different approaches to promote a website with search engines.

Importance of SEO for Local & Regional Companies


Regional Targeted SEO: Managing Your Business Description

A business description is the foundation of any search marketing strategy. Fjallraven Kanken 16L A good description contains basic information such as business name, address, phone number, fax, email, Web site address and information on what your business is about. Air Jordan 12 (XII) You can also include your business category, a list of products or services, areas served, payment options, and other operational information such as hours of service.

Your business description is the basic information that appears when you search for a local business on a major search engine, a local search or mapping site, a city guide, or an Internet yellow page.

Local marketers should review, enhance and list the company description on the following sites:

  • Local search engines, such as Google Maps, Yahoo Local, MSN Local. Nike Air Max Goedkoop These local engines receive core data from the providers listed above, but most also allow marketers to submit data directly to supplement or enhance a basic listing.
  • National data providers, such as local directories, InfoCanada, and Strategis Canada.
  • YellowPages.ca, Yellow.ca, CanadianBusinessDirectory.ca, CANLINK Directories, Listings Canada, Shopping Canada, as well as city guides such as WelcomeToKelowna. New Balance Pas Chers These sites also depend on the national data providers but allow marketers to submit information directly as well.

It can be difficult to find exactly where and how to verify and update your business profile on all these sites. Maglia Kobe Bryant All this is a lot of work! However, all the time put into these advertising is definitely worthwhile.

Optimizing for Local Searches

As with any SEO effort, basic optimization guidelines also apply to local sites. Scott Kazmir Jersey Local site owners or webmasters must engage in keyword analysis; develop relevant local content; write unique, compelling page titles and meta tags; implement search-friendly navigation; call to action, and build link popularity improving a amount of incoming links to your site (to name just a few critical tasks).

For local Web sites, two of the most important optimization steps you can take are incorporating local search phrases on your site Web pages and properly utilizing contact information throughout the site.

Local keyword research is often less precise than a standard SEO effort. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren This is primarily due to local colloquialisms. Nike Air Jordan Baratas For example, if you own and operate a local shoe store, it’s important to know whether searchers in your part of the country use the term “sneakers”, “runners” or “tennis shoes” more often.

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website? Who Wins?


Mobile research results have been released showing that the future of the Mobile Web is likely to be dominated by cross-platform browser-based mobile web sites – rather than apps built specifically for iPhone, Fjallraven Kanken Big Android, Asics GT 2160 or any other platform. On this research “the Mobile Touch Web,” which is defined as “Web sites created for mobile touchscreen devices, with finger-friendly layouts and lightweight pages that are fast to load over cellular networks.”

The research estimates that there are 326,000 Mobile Touch Web sites worldwide, mochilas kanken which compares to 148,000 iPhone apps in the App Store and 24,000 apps in the Android market. solde adidas chaussures Browser-based mobile web market is expected to grow much faster than the app market.

What kinds of sites are more likely to be browser-based for mobile phones? According to the report, nike air max 19% of the mobile sites measured were Shopping & Services sites; compared to 3.6% in the same category in the App Store. Content in the ‘Social’ category also has a higher chance of being a browser-based mobile site, rather than an app (12.9% to 1.7%).

Conversely, just 0.8% of mobile sites were gaming, chaussures de foot Nike compared to 18% of apps in the App Store. There is a similar discrepency in the ‘Entertainment’ category.

It seems then that commerce services are taking more advantage of mobile web browsers than gaming and entertainment providers. Nike Pas Cher But why? Taptu says it’s because “many [Commerce] products and services do not really fit into Apple’s iTunes content-oriented billing system.” Meanwhile, gaming and entertainment content is better delivered as an app since apps deliver a much richer, more interactive gaming experience than the casual games available on the Mobile Web.

The report says that the increasing sophistication of mobile browsers is one reason why browser-based mobile sites will flourish. In particular, it points to increasing support for HTML 5.

According to this research, “it’s getting easier and easier to create rich touch screen user experiences with the browser without having to create platform-specific apps.” It also points to increasing usage of open standard APIs, Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen enabling Mobile Web developers to access “deeper device functions such as geolocation.”

The research does concede that gaming content will probably continue to be delivered predominantly as download apps on iPhone and similar devices. However it claims that for “many other types of app, the economics of software development and publishing favors the Web development route.”

he research predicts “the Mobile Touch Web will grow vigorously over the next five years,

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